Manganese ore piles for sale

Manganese ore piles for sale, near rail!

ambassador-trading-co-manganese-ore-for-saleThese manganese ore piles are ready to be picked up, and would make a great feed stock for any manganese smelter, or multi-metal smelters.  The current owners are eager to sell.

Here is a breakdown of the ore tonnage, as well as percent manganese:

  • 4,500 tons manganese ore nodules at 48.6% Mn
  • 2,400 tons manganese ore nodules at 44.7% Mn
  • 4,500 tons coarse manganese ore at 33.3% Mn
  • 3,380 tons fine manganese ore at 29.8% Mn
  • 42,000 tons stockpiled manganese ore – near railroad! – at 31% Mn
  • 220,000 tons of manganese ore, located about 200 yards from railroad loading site, at approximately 17.0% Mn

Like our other deals, we are not acting as a broker or anything on this – just trying to help some business colleagues of ours out.

There are some detailed lab test results that we can forward, and if you are an interested buyer, we can also link you up with the seller.  Just contact us here.