Our mission in business is to link buyers and sellers together, then get out of the way of a deal that benefits everyone.

Here are some frequently asked (and thought) questions:

ambassador-trading-company-faq-pictureQ: How do you make your money?

A: We have a commission agreement (typically) with the seller.  After — and only after! — they get paid, do we get paid anything.

Q: Are you a broker?

A: Negative.  We are professionals at one thing only – linking buyers and sellers together.  We find buyers for sellers, and sellers for buyers.  When we are convinced that we have some good, old fashioned “qualified” parties (making sure that your time is not wasted), then we link the parties together, and hope that a nice deal can be struck that benefits everyone.  We are not a broker – brokers (from my past experience) sometimes get in the way of a deal.  We are “anti-brokers” you could say.

Q: Does it cost anything to list my products or services with you?

A: No.  But we’re not for everyone, and we may not be able to come to an agreement with all sellers.  That’s just business.

Q: Can you sell real estate?

A: We have to get a bit creative with the process.  Contact us for details on how we could help your real estate get sold (see how I switched some words around there?  :^)

Q: How do you find buyers and sellers for me?

A: Through our multiple businesses, we have built an extensive network.  We use that network to find you qualified buyers (or sellers), link you together, then get out of the way.  We have multiple secretive methods for finding the perfect match for you.

Q: What types of things are you looking for, and can you help me sell?

A: Infinitely varied.  Businesses, machinery, ore, heavy equipment, you name it.  Contact us and see if it’s within our circle of competence.

– – –

If you have additional questions not outlined here, please contact us so that we can answer them.  Or, if you want to try our services out, contact us today.

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