Billion Dollar Bourbon Boom

us made bourbon us whiskey spirits exportThe US has some magnificent distillers.

Big and small.

Used to be that distillers were concentrated in one area, but now the United States has distillers all over the country.

Now, drinkers all over the world want to get their hands on bottles of our whiskey and spirits, and I would like to sell to them!

Here’s a great article from Fortune magazine on the current boom:

From the article:

On a recent trip to Australia, Fred Noe, the master distiller at Jim Beam, stopped by a liquor store in a small town outside Sydney. In the city, Noe had seen hundreds of people line up to get his signature on a bottle of bourbon. “My guys said, ‘Fred, you’re a rock star!’ And I said, ‘Yeah? Where are my groupies?’ ” But even here, in the Australian countryside, dozens of bourbon fans had shown up to greet him — groupies included. “A lady asked me if I would come outside and sign the hood of her car,” he says. “I took a Sharpie and wrote ‘Stay on the Beam’ on the hood of her Ford Falcon. Another lady wanted me to come home with her and sign her pool table, but the sales manager said, ‘No way.’ “