ambassador-trading-company-picture-barber-chair-adAmbassador Trading Company is focused on linking together buyers and sellers.  We don’t get in the way of your deal!  How it works is we find a qualified buyer – no broker chains here! – and then link them with the seller.

We prefer to get an agreement with the seller for a commission — should we bring them an actual buyers — and then we do our best to use our network and find a qualified buyer.

If you have something to sell, or are looking to buy something, please contact us and see if it’s within our circle of competence.


brandon-deshaw-2013-profile-resizedAmbassador Trading Company is operated by Brandon DeShaw, a small business owner based in Butte, Montana.  Brandon is a professional engineer registered in the state of Montana, and runs a laboratory business in Butte.  He has an international client base and enjoys meeting other business people from all over the world.

His primary business is Global Energy Laboratories, which specializes in testing for frac sand, barite, bentonite, flake graphite, and other “booming” minerals and metals.  Brandon is always on the lookout for new opportunities.

You can contact him here.

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